Make an application for Building Control

To apply, you can either:

Application forms

The forms and documents relating to building control applications:

Partner applications

Partner applications can be submitted through the Local Application Partnership Scheme.

Building Control charges

We set the Building Control charges. For general building work and loft conversions the charge is based on the cost of that work. For work such as extensions there is a fixed charge.

The quoted charges are for guidance only. The actual charge will be individually assessed for each project. You should pay the quoted charge when you make your application and we will advise you of any variation as soon as possible. The charge may increase or decrease based on the outcome of the assessment. We may also make additional charges if extra inspections or other work are required.

Payment due date

When making a full plans application you need to pay 40% of the total charge when you apply. After the first site visit, you will be invoiced 60% for the inspection charge. We can arrange stage payments for larger projects.

When making a building notice application the whole fee is due when the application is made. The application is invalid until we receive the payment.

Make a payment

If you have submitted a Building Control application you can make a debit or credit card payment online.

You will need to provide the site address, payment amount and building control reference number which is X4612 8161.