Building Control charges

We ensure building work complies with the Building Regulations and related legislation. View our payment and charges for the most common types of work and which require an amount of checking and supervision.

Payments and charges for 2024: 

Make a payment for Building Control

Adjustments to charges

We will let you know if we adjust the charge and you have the option to contest any decision. The charges are for typical amounts of checking and supervision. Therefore, charges may vary due to:

  • Level of supervision required: A simple project carried out by a specialist contractor with a good history may justify a lower charge. A project may need a higher level of site supervision because of a complex form of construction, so this might incur a higher charge.
  • Combined inspections: If you are carrying out a loft conversion and an extension at the same time, we will reduce the overall charge to allow for a reduced number of inspections.

This can reduce the charge by up to 25%.

Major projects

For major projects or schemes involving multiple types of work, we will carry out an individual assessment and discuss the options with you.

Pre-application advice

This applies to large projects, usually those exceeding £5m in value, that require a considerable discussion before you make a formal application.  The first hour is free and further time is charged per hour. The hourly rate depends on the officer involved; see table below.

When the formal application is made the cost for these meetings will be deducted from the overall charge. If the work does not go ahead or if you chose to employ a private Approved Inspector we will make a charge for the time spent.

To make an appointment for pre-application advice email