Draft Local Plan: Full Review

Keeping the borough's Local Plan up to date is a priority for the Council. Local policies and site allocations need to be supported by and based on up-to-date evidence in order to be effective and robust. The imperative to do so has become greater in the previous few years, as there have been a number of changes in national and regional policy; for example, with respect to planning for increased housing targets. We are therefore undertaking a full review of its local policies and site allocations to ensure they are still relevant and are achieving the outcomes required.

Timeline and process of the Full Review

The table below sets out the various stages of updating a Local Plan, as set out in the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) Regulations 2012. In planning, these stages are often informally referred to by the regulation number that requires it, which is referenced in brackets. The timetable describes what happens at each stage. Please click on the links for more information about each stage, including when the Council either undertook or plans to undertake this work.

Stage What happens Timeline
Consultation on the Issues document (Regulation 18)

A public consultation is held to invite comments on the key planning issues facing Wandsworth, and the proposed scope and contents of the new Local Plan. The feedback is used to shape the production of the ‘Preferred Options’ draft Local Plan.

A ‘Call for Sites’ is held inviting stakeholders to submit information on sites that could be suitable for development.

December 2018 to February 2019

Current stage

Consultation on the ‘Pre-Publication’ Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18)


The Planning Policy team either produce or commission an updated suite of evidence base documents. The findings of these documents are used alongside the feedback from the ‘Issues’ consultation and ‘Call for Sites’ to produce a ‘Pre-Publication’ or Preferred Options’ Draft Local Plan. This sets out draft (and preferred) policies and sites for development, and includes supporting information. It is published alongside a Sustainability Appraisal, which reviews other options.

A public consultation is held on these documents to invite feedback from a range of stakeholders - from residents, development professionals, and neighbouring boroughs. The borough’s evidence base is also published.

We held a public consultation on the draft Local Plan from 4 January 2021 to 1 March 2021

Consultation on the ‘Publication’ Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19)

Using the feedback submitted from the consultation on the ‘Pre-Publication’ version, a revised Draft Local Plan is created. The ‘Publication’ version is what we intend to submit to the Secretary of State to be examined for ‘soundness’. Before that, it is made available for public consultation for further feedback from stakeholders.

Autumn 2021
Submission and examination

The ‘Publication’ Draft Local Plan – along with all of the feedback received in the public consultation on it – is submitted to the Secretary of State. An Independent Planning Inspector is appointed to examine the Plan, the evidence supporting it, and comments made on it. The Inspector will hold hearings to discuss the ‘soundness’ of the Plan. Modifications can be made to the Plan at this stage to address any outstanding issues that are identified - potentially involving further consultation where these are more substantial.

Spring 2022
Adoption of the New Local Plan

The New Local Plan is adopted by the Council, replacing the existing Local Plan. It is used to inform decisions on planning applications.

Spring/summer 2023

The timetable above replaces that set out in the Wandsworth’s Local Development Scheme (September 2019). This Council agreed these revisions at a meeting of the Strategic Planning and Transportation Overview Committee in November 2020, and the update will be made in due course.

Local Plan Consultations - how to get involved

Writing the Wandsworth Local Plan involves extensive evidence gathering, public consultations and joint working with neighbouring authorities and partners. The approach to public engagement taken by us in developing the Local Plan is set out in our Statement of Community Involvement. Please note that slightly different procedures are in place due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with Government legislation and advice.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of the Local Plan full review, including when public consultations are taking place, please register your details by emailing planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk.


Email: planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk

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