How the Council is organised

Political leadership

We have 58 Councillors elected in 22 wards. The Labour Group currently has overall control of the Council. The political composition is as follows:

  • Labour: 35
  • Conservatives: 22
  • Independent: 1


Two or three Councillors are selected to represent the interests of people in each local area or 'ward'.

Councillors are sometimes called 'local representatives'. Three are elected every four years in local elections. 

Councillors raise issues raised by residents and contribute to Council decision-making, sometimes as part of Council committees. Committees serve to analyse the decision of the Directors and suggest other options.

Residents can voice their opinions to Councillors during Saturday morning surgeries or can contact them by email.

The Mayor

The Mayor of Wandsworth takes the civic lead in all matters of concern in the life of the borough and aims to meet and greet as many of its citizens as possible during their term in office.

The Executive

The Executive consists of the Leader (elected by the Council) and eight other Executive or 'Cabinet Members' appointed by the leader. Each of the Cabinet Members is responsible for a remit consisting of a group of Council services.

Non-political roles