Parking data

Parking spaces as at April 2016
Type of parking spaces Number of spaces
Total on-street spaces* 68,100
Free on-street spaces** 180
Total off-street spaces*** 510

*Please note that as individual parking spaces are not marked out on-street in the borough, this is an estimated figure.

**Estimated number of free parking spaces for which there is a Traffic Management Order (TMO), but not those areas where there are free parking bays that do not require a TMO.

***Total is for off-street car parks where charges apply and is estimated as some car parks do not have marked parking spaces. 

Revenue from parking 2017/18
Parking revenue type Amount
On-street parking (Pay & Display + Permits) £24,582,361
Pay and display £13,557,463
Permits £11,024,898
Off-street parking £506,954
Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) £6,834,518
Parking Account 2017/18
Type Amount
Expenditure £8,063,095
Income 31,923,833
Surplus at 31/3/2016 23,860,739
Application of surplus 2017/18 (£23,860,739)
Type Amount
Shopmobility £183,000
Community transport £0
Concessionary fares £13,889,108
Special Needs and Education Transport £2,929,000
Capital Parking Machines £89,000
Highways Improvements and Maintenance £6,770,772

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