How you can help

Ways you can help others with the cost of living.

Food banks

There are plenty of ways you can help the Wandsworth Food Bank:

  • Donate money
  • Donate food
  • Volunteer
  • Business partnership

Donate your energy rebate

If you are entitled to the £150 energy rebate but do not need it, please consider donating it to the food bank, or to a local charity or someone you know who may be in need. You should still claim your rebate from us and then make the donation yourself directly.

Power to Connect

Power to Connect, set up in partnership with the council,  is asking local businesses to get involved in its work helping local families get online. Visit Power to Connect if you want to help.

Suggest a service for the hub

If you think any information is missing on the Cost of Living Hub, including services provided by community groups, please submit your feedback.