Regulation of industrial activity

If you are a business or in industry you must ensure that your activities do not damage the environment.

If you are a business wanting to carry out processes that may cause emissions to land, air or water, you must apply for an environmental permit, from either the Environmental Agency or the Council.

Radioactive substances

The keeping, use and disposal of radioactive materials is controlled through the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 and enforced by the Environment Agency.

Radioactive items include mobile equipment and all must be approved through applications and registered for public view.


Asbestos is a hazardous material which can cause serious diseases. Any building built before 2000 can contain asbestos. Find out more about asbestos and details regarding their removal.

Contaminated land

Contaminated land is land that has within it, on or under its surface substances that may pose a risk of significant harm to human health or to the wider environment, including water resources, the local ecosystem and built structures.

Further information about contaminated land and how to make an environmental enquiry relating to land quality on sites within the borough.

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