Small improvement grants for council estates

Our Small Improvement Budget (SIB) gives grants to residents to make improvements to their estate or block which will benefit the community.

These are for projects which you think are important and would not normally be funded by other budgets.

I have a Small Improvement Budget idea or project

Anyone living in a council managed property should contact their residents' association (RA) with any ideas or projects. 

The majority of SIB projects come from residents' associations/co-ops meetings with residents. 

I don't have a residents' association

If you don't have a RA, either contact your Resident Participation Officer or your estate manager. Communities without a RA can still apply for a grant, but not until around September of each year.  

Qualifying for a Small Improvement Budget grant

Projects or schemes must be for the benefit of the majority of residents. Priority is given to those with residents' associations, co-ops or RMOs which form part of the formal structure. To qualify for funding the project/scheme must:

  • Be under £20,000*
  • An improvement and  non-rechargeable to leaseholders
  • Not incur any ongoing maintenance costs
  • Not part of an existing programme of works (e.g. door entry systems)

*Although schemes cannot exceed £20,000 (£25,000 for central area), more than one scheme can run on an estate at the same time.

Types of projects

The types of schemes funded include:

  • Community gardens and landscaping
  • Railings and other new security features
  • Bike stores and racks
  • Bin enclosures
  • Tables and benches (for clubrooms and gardens)

RPO help and assistance

 Once you've contacted your RPO they will:

  • Confirm if your project meets the criteria
  • Will also take you through the process, explaining which forms to complete and what it entails
  • Discuss the suggestion with other residents where necessary and seek quotes

How to apply for SIB funding

To submit a scheme for consideration by the area housing panel ask your association to submit a request through your Estate Manager or Resident Participation Officer.