Resident involvement in housing

We are committed to resident involvement and have a broad range of participation opportunities in place.

Resident Participation and Consultation Strategy

The Resident Participation and Consultation Strategy sets out the ways residents can get involved with the Housing and Regeneration Department. It also sets out objectives for us to take forward in relation to resident involvement. If you would like to get more involved with any of the activities mentioned in the Strategy, please contact your Resident Participation Officer.

The Strategy was created with the help of a Residents’ Working Group (RWG).

Read more about our Strategy and the Residents' Working Group.

Resident participation structures

Following the RWG we reviewed our resident participation structures incorporating the views of our residents. We have both formal and informal forms of participation to accommodate everyone. 

The participation structure aims to:

  • Provide a role for everybody, with a focus on putting the residents at the heart of the structure
  • Allow residents to get involved at the level of their choosing by offering a range of engagement opportunities
  • Encourage residents to get involved and maintain involvement

View our structure and read more about it.

Formal participation

This is how we formally consult with our residents and is a key element of the participation structure. Formal participation enables residents to scrutinise decisions affecting their housing and the Department’s performance.

Informal participation

This is how residents can get involved in an informal and ad hoc way. The intention is that residents can decide to what degree they get involved. For many this might be in the form of one-off events.

These events are very important as they reach a wide number of residents, which gives us a better idea of how services are being delivered.

Engaging with the wider community

We are committed to ensuring all residents have the opportunity to get involved and engage with the wider community. Being able to consider the views of a wide range of residents is important in shaping services that meet a full range of needs.

If you don't live in or lease council owned property there are other ways in which you can get involved in things that are happening in Wandsworth.

Consultation arrangements

The Housing and Regeneration Department has various consultation arrangements that are separate to its participation structure as they require bespoke approaches to meeting best practice and statutory requirements.

Resident Participation Officers

If you want to get involved, contact your Resident Participation Officer (RPO). They who work within the four area housing teams (Central, Eastern, Western, Southern).

If you do not know which area team manages your property, you can check this by looking up your property details.

Central area - Tom Gates

Telephone: 020 8871 8694

Eastern area - Vanessa Santos

Telephone: 020 8871 8638 

Western area - Sarah Stevens

Telephone: 020 8871 5505

Southern area - Foday Kamara

Telephone: 020 8871 8639

Find out more about Resident Participation Officers and how they can help.