Who can park on an estate

Traffic Management Orders (TMO) (previously Parking Regulation Schemes) are used on many estates to maximise parking for residents and their visitors.

Parking permits

Where TMOs are in place, vehicles parking on an estate must clearly display a valid estate resident parking permit or visitor parking permit in their windscreen. If you fail to do so you will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

Vehicles must be roadworthy and have a valid vehicle Excise License (road tax).

Estate parking permits are not valid in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) on the public highway. Similarly, permits for CPZs are not valid on housing estates. You must make sure you park in the designated parking area on the estate.

Find out if your street or estate is covered by a TMO or by a CPZ.

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Blue Badges

Residents parking in a disabled bay signed as ‘Disabled badge holders only’ on a council housing estate covered by a TMO will need to display a valid Blue Badge.

Failure to clearly display a valid Blue Badge in signed disabled bays will result in a PCN.

Disabled bays are not allocated to individuals and any resident displaying a Blue Badge can park.

Vehicles that do not need to display a permit

The following vehicles do not need to display a parking permit:

  • Motorbikes and scooters. But these must be parked responsibly and not cause an obstruction.
  • Wandsworth Council vehicles.
  • Emergency Service vehicles.
  • Vehicles used by doctors, health visitors and midwives 'on call' and displaying the appropriate NHS permit or a Health Emergency badge.
  • Vehicles displaying a valid disabled Blue Badge will not receive a Penalty Charge Notice but must be parked responsibly and not causing obstruction.

You can report a parking infringement.


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