Historic parks and gardens

To identify and protect sites which are of particular historic importance, English Heritage compiles the Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England; of which there are six in Wandsworth. These are:

  • Battersea Park (Grade II*)
  • Grove House (Grade II)
  • Putney Vale Cemetery (Grade II)
  • Springfield Hospital (Grade II)
  • Wandsworth Park (Grade II)
  • Wimbledon Park (Grade II*) - partly in L.B. Merton

English Heritage provide detailed descriptions of these historic parks and gardens.

In addition there are a number of parks and gardens of historic interest locally. The London Parks and Gardens Trust has compiled an Inventory of Historic Spaces, a resource that has been growing since the Trust's formation in 1994, and which continues to be updated. London Gardens Online provides public access to a wealth of information on over 2,500 parks, gardens, squares, churchyards, cemeteries and other sites of historic interest across the whole of London, including 73 entries for Wandsworth.